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some ppl.... *insert angry face*

wtf, i got a stupid maroon5 fan calling in about how he never got any emails from us ever and he's been waiting forever for tickets to go on sale for a show this friday.... uh.... RIGHT.... first off, he's on the list. and i checked, the email was sent to him. i asked if he checked the spam inbox, he said yes, he got nothing. LAIR. and then i said, well there's nothing i can do for you for this show since it's this friday and we already send out the tickets. "so you're saying there's nothing you can do? i pay $25 dollars to get no emails and NOTHING you guys can do for me?" UH, right. sorry, after working for sony for so long, $25 mean crap to me. secondly, if he REALLY wanted the tickets, he could've checked the goddamn website. IT'S ON THERE. but he "waited" for our emails. then serve him right. THEN he had the NERVE to "threaten" me by saying "i just wont renew next time then." OH NO. i'm so scared. we're all going to go bankrupt now because YOU wont renew. let me go cry.

then he called back and got someone else and pulled the same stunt! wtf.

ok i'm done. lol

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