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spring break

so there's no such thing as a "spring break" for me anymore. however i did go to vegas during that spring break period... while i was there, guess what i got in the mail? my diploma :D i said to my dad, "hey dad! look!" and he's like "what is that?" "... my diploma" "oh... so four years of school for this piece of paper?" gees lol thanks for sugar coating it. lol

well anyway, i think after this trip, i am done with vegas. you can only do so much in vegas. next trip, lets go somewhere else :) no more vegas for mee~ next time i wanna gamble, i'll just drive a few hours to do so lol altho i think i might need to go to GA... :\ i dont wanna be like one of those old ladies salina was talking about! either that, or i'll make a lot of money... so gambling can be a hobbie har har har. yeah. wanna meet me at GA next weekend?

so... hawaii. europe. new york. boston. australia. somewhere i havent been to in a long time or havent been there at all... yeahhh. did you know that panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the pacific and set on the atlantic? Snapple Fact #147. let's go to panama.

oh wait. i wanna meet edward norton first. so i'll fly to see him in a place where i havent been before. hey! killing two birds with one stone :D

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