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Midterm Jokes

I've stole this from Christine who got it off a professor.

Story 1:
Midterms. Time is up and one student is still writing. The teacher eventually leaves and in a little while, the student runs up behind him, wanting to turn his test in. Of course, the teacher refuses and the student angrily responds, "Do you know who I am?!?! " "No." "Good!" He thrusts his test into the middle of the stack and runs away.

Story 2:
Midterms again. An ornithology class. The students were asked to identify birds, but all they saw were the birds' feet. After the test, a student angrily marches up to the prof, protesting the unfairness of the exam. The prof asks "What is your name?" The student sticks out his foot. "You tell me!"

Her entry is by far the most entertaining one i've read yet! too bad it's friend's only :P

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