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this week starting at April 3rd...

This week starting Sunday, April 3rd, marks the worse week i've had to live in my life... and it's not even over yet -.- i dunno if it's just the shit that has been going on, because i'm sick or my mood has just been bad... either way, little things that i dont think used to get me is starting to get me. i'm way more sensitive than usual and i've been getting upset really easily. my throat is not feeling well. my head always have this little headache going on. and i'm starting to feel that 90% of the fans that call are idiots.

"no, i will not tell you what the address to the venue is, look it up yourself you idiot!"
"no i cannot sell you tickets for tonight, we've closed that show TWO FUCKING WEEKS AGO, you idiot!"
"no, you did not purcahse the sound check tickets. sound check was not available for that show, idiot!"
let me tell you a little about this fan. she then said we were misleading about it. and i'm like "no, i'm sorry but we havent had many of this issue before" she was actually the first one... so it's NOT misleading

and worse of all? they are all maroon 5 fans. -.- but after working here, no offense to those who live in the east coast, but i think a lot of the east coast ppl are mean and stupid! you dunno the shit we went through when Rob Thomas solo tour went on sale for NY and Boston and got sold out within 20 mins. So i thought it was RT fans, but the RT fans from SF was not like that and it was the same situation. so after these three NY show that M5 is doing this week and the phone calls i've been getting about it... i concluded that a lot of east coast ppl are mean and stupid.... and that sucks because i love M dearly and i dont think of him like that at all... and he lives on the east coast. (if i offended you sorry, i said most not all 0:))

so anyway, if i get upset with you over something little, i am saying sorry in advance. usually, after i calm down and noticed it's small, i'll apologize anyway... but i'm just giving you a little warning.

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