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surf the net day

yes i know that most of my working days are like surf the net days... but today is different. my manager text me last night telling me how he's still really sick and probably wont be coming in today. so i came in today expecting to do shipping and check his emails and what not, part of the things he normally do... but i was greeted by the IT guy and he told me that our site and outlook isnt working... but the internet is.

so basically anything work related is not working but everything else is. wtf? so i cant even do work even tho i wanted to. i got hella shit to do too. but i cannot print out orders if the site is not working. cannot check his emails if outlook isnt working. i cant even do my part of work because we need the site. if it doesnt come up by 10, phones wouldnt be on either.

if it continues to be like that, today is seriously just sit here, chat and surf the net day. 0:)

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