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when is it ever enough?!?!

when is it ever enough?!?

I MEAN 64 pages~~ argh. i'm only on 40 -.-
but it's like one of those videos you know?
gotta keep watch it, just wanna know the ending.. that's all :P
and it's just a fan fic too!
waaaaaa my sister read these things....
and her fan fics are in full sentences and paragraphs
mine's all over the place

let me explain. so recently i watched this korean movie called "lure of the wolves," "wolf's attraction" or "romance of their own"... the one heather was watching, actually i lend it to her :D anyway, i am not sure which one is the right name hahah and this korean movie was based on a fan fic. it was so good, word of mouth came around and they made a movie out of it. i liked the movie. heather seemed to like one of the main characters so much, she did some research. and after a while, i got interested in the fan fic, i wanna read it.

the thing is, the fan fic is written in korean, so obviously the one i'm reading is translated. and it's all over the place. like you cant tell who's talking half the time... but you can sorta guess. and sometimes the names are wrong LOL but whatever. i'm just sitting here, reading this. :)

and i'm only on page 40 -.-

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