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Fat Choi Spirit

oh yeah, i forgot to mention that yesterday when i was on the losing streak, i felt like andy in "fat choi spirit" after gigi cursed him. the tiles just looked like it. i couldnt "up" or "pong." it was so bad one time that i had tiles like 1, 5, and 9. and i'm looking at it, thinking, 'wtf' lol but i think after playing that movie everytime we played mj for the past... i dunno how many months... or years hahaha... that movie would forever be part of my mj life. i dont think there is ever a time when i played mj and not think of that movie. everything seemed to relate it! of course... it is about mj... hehehe it's just so funny. it's like i'll never get sick watching it when i play mj... but then again, it's not like i watch it when i play.. hehe but yeah, just wanna point that out hehe.

"F U!! nice flower!!! F U!!!! double (nice flowers)!!!! AH!! F U!!!! self pick!!!!!" bwhahahaha!


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