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catching up with ppl weekend

this weekend was catching up with ppl weekend. i've saw and reacquaint with a lot of ppl i havent seen in a long time. that's always nice.

fri was Ken day!
he took us to this ramen place he loves so much. the ramen was good. first taste of the soup. wow. but i think because of the fat? it numbed my tongue or something and after a while, i couldnt taste it anymore. then we did some things that did not happened according to heather :P then ice cream :D

sat was Kevin day! with a touch of BBQ
i call it Kevin day instead of BBQ day because we planned to eat with Kevin on this day two weeks in advance whereas BBQ was not planned on this day until later. i havent seen kevin for a while... well... before MJ lol so it was nice to see him again and hang out and talk. too bad he didnt go clubbing with me! even tho i said i needed him! but i guess heather needed him more :P laura finally got to see "romance of their own" i cant complain, wanted to watch it again for a while. glad that laura doesnt agree with me :P i dunno if i can win with laura as my competition you know. bwahahah.

bbq was nice. saw and talked to a lot of ppl who i havent seen in a while. untangling the kite was interesting :P trying to fly it was too... but it didnt fly too high -.-

clubbing at dna was... interesting. asian american idol, THAT was amusing. seeing one of my old high school friends REALLY drunk, and another high school friend helping her out hahah, interesting :P. "fight" -.-. dancing non-stop (my legs are still sorta sore from it. -.-), not a bad place at all, but with the whole lighting affect, i could swear to you at least one person had a seizure. near the end, i ended up closing my eyes everytime they did that. then finding $20. :D. yay

sun was luck hong day!
we went to malibu. we kept picking on his handicap right shoulder hahah i lost in mini goft. uh. yeah i forgot to treat ppl to drinks :P i mean you know, like we all drink or anything hahah i think either it's the fact i slept at 5 and had to be up by 11 the next day or the mini goft and water bumper was tiring... either way... i passed out on the way home. i was the last person to get dropped off and i sat in the back. and by the time the second to last person was dropped off, i kinda lay in the back seat, half asleep... i felt like i just came out of a bar really drunk and i'm taking a taxi home.

oh yeah, i just wanted to say that salina traumatized me with her showing off her burnt at the club every hour. i kept applying and reapplying sunblock in the car before we hit malibu because it was such a sunny day and we'll be out the whole day. i told laura, "dont forget your ears and nose" while she was putting on sunblock and she's started to laugh and said "i was thinking, 'why would i forget those in the car?'"

my weekend was really fun :)

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