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my weekend

this week has been a pretty laid back week :D well, in going out terms. at work, it sucks because paul mccartney went on sale for his vip packages and everyone and their moms are calling in about it. but anyway, i tried my best not to go out so often because last week, i was out practically every day. ah i'm such a good girl.

but anyway, didnt do anything this weekend but going clubbing at 550. i havent been there since forever, didnt change lol. there were a few amusing things that i encountered that night: the "stripe" group of guys (no heather, they shop together THEN call each other up! lol sale on stripes), the ratio of guys being a lot more than girls (never leave us alone again! please! gotta beat those guys off of heather! with a stick! haha), the mean dj telling someone to get off the platform (amusing, but so mean!), i dunno why but i had a good laugh everytime greg said, "i lost felix again" lolol

unfortunately asian american idol was not that all amusing like last week. oh well.

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% Honolulu

65% San Francisco

60% Washington, DC

55% Austin

55% Denver

i can see myself living in honolulu... when i'm like married and... uh... settled LOL
san fran is my type of city :)

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