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ny trip

what have i gotten myself into?

i've wanted to go to ny for a while now. so heather's going to MD for her cousin's wedding and i decided to stop by NY around that time also since she will be going to NY also. Planning's been going on for a few days now. i just a hold of martin and he said that the weekend i would be in NY, he's actually going to LA for his sister's graduation... but he said i can crash as his apartment if his roommates dont mind, he'll just mail me his key.

but i told him i partially go to NY was to see him... and he said, "why dont you come to LA with me then?" and one thing lead to another. i figured i'll just bus my way to LA, also go to the KST CD opening while i'm there.. and fly back to NY with martin so i can visit M also.

i hope that if martin's roommates dont mind me staying, M can crash with us too. and if martin's roommates do mind, i can just get a cheap hotel and have M can crash with me :D no point in driving four hours and then leave after a day! might as well stay! :P prob is, i havent gotten a hold of M yet... and for Martin, he's calling me tonight, so we'll see how that goes.

well also of course if work lets me off for a week -.- i just hope they let me go. i dont have enough vacation time, but i dont really care at this point. if they cant afford me gone for so long, i'll just do a few days instead of a week... i really want to go! i havent seen them all in half a decade and i havent been to ny.

whoo. ny here i come! :D

(sorry der :\ probably go when you arent there.)

edited: talked to both martin and m and concluded to just go straight to ny instead of stopping by la. martin said his mom would be there and he wouldnt be able to spend enough time with me as he would wanted. also, it's confirmed, i get to crash as martin's house. whoo hoo! and he can pick me up at the airport. double whoo hoo! heheh save so much money there. M that mofo is such a busy mofo LoL he said he's booked up to next year!?!?! wtf? but he does have some free time here and there and he'll check his schedule. but he asid that if he's free, he'll take a few days off and spend time with me while i'm in ny :D so martin would be having summer, so he's good on times... now i'm just waiting on m. it only makes it most worth it if i can see them both. :) adjust accordingly.

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