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"i'm just like that"

ever since i dated what's his name, the phrase "i'm just like that" touches a different nerve. i swear if the next guy i date says that, i'm gonna flip out on him... and probably dump him the second time he says it. if a guy goes "i'm just like that" in a relationship, what i hear is "you're not important enough for me to adapt to you, i'm just like this, deal with it." it's like me hearing "yeah i do drugs, i'm just like that" wtf. does the phrase "i'm just like that" JUSTIFY ANYTHING? i personally think that phrase has a hidden message behind it every time someone says it. the phrase "deal with it" is always behind it: "i'm just like that (deal with it)." and i want to say "NO!" if i care enough to say something about it, the least you can do is THINK about what i said. if i didnt care about the person, like i'll bother to say anything. yes it's not good to try to change ppl, i should take them whole heartedly. and i'm normally not the kind to ask ppl to drop one of their characteristics for me or say anything unless it was repetitive. but if i'm mentioning it, even tho it seems like it, i'm not demanding you to change, but to tell you how i feel about it and obviously i find it important enough to mention it to you. and if it bothers me, it might bother other ppl. the least you can do is think about it. so dont give me a slap in the face by saying "i'm just like that"

i wont take it.

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