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csi. ny update.

ohhhh man i've been sooooo dumb. now spike tv shows two episodes of csi (vegas) everyday, monday - friday. and they show it in order too. i know that's kinda dumb to say, but man some channels dont show reruns in order! and so anyway, obviously i couldnt always watch them all everyday. so tues i'm watching csi and friday rolls around and all of a sudden grissom has a beard going on. wtf? but today, i was watching csi and i gotta go soon, so i'll be missing more than half of the episode... and it hit me, wtf? why dont i just record it and watch it later?! arrrggghhh i'm like a few weeks of episodes late with that brilliant idea! oh well. now i can watch all of it :D so happy.

so M seems to be free after june, so i booked my flight the first week of july... which seems to be pretty cool since i'm going to be there for martin's birthday. go figure. i personally think i got a pretty good deal. a little bit under $300 to fly from sfo to lga.. esp. with the times i like so i can work on weds and fly out weds night. not to mention i'm going in the middle of summer. it's the only deal i found that's cheaper to fly out of sfo instead of oak. :D

excited about future csi episodes i'll normally miss and for ny :)

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