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Maroon 5 San Jose

the SIN SET was alright. kinda boring. i think the picture taking and the autograph photo made it all worth it.... even tho my SIN SET are cheaper than the regular tickets :X i'm sorry, but seeing jesse again for a while... esp. in that hoodie that fits NICELY on him... O.M.F.G. HOTNESS i'm sorry, i meant HAWTTTNESS. i had to hold jos down because she wanted to hump him then and there. and then she had to hold me down because i wanted to do it too LOL THEN, he changed out of his hoodie and got into his collar shirt.... i think it's the same one i fell in love with him in.... and O.M.F.G. hi, let's do it. now! it was so weird. they were shaking everyone's hands... so naturally when they saw us... i went up to jesse and he got his hand out to shake my hand... and i slowly shook his hand and said "do i need to shake your hand?" as in, not like you dunno me. but he took it as the other way and said, "do you not want to?" very surprised and seemed kinda hurt LOL and i said "ohh no no, can i get a hug instead?" that boy is soooo skinny, but looks SOOO hot in that collar shirt... and the last thing he said to me was "i like your shirt" Ohhhh yeaaaah, i was hoping you would bwhahahahahah!


the concert was great, as usual. i guess it's because i havent seen them in so long, also they're getting a lot better. a lot of lights going on for this show. and they've gone wireless hahah that's great. i know they are getting big, but you start to see it on the stage, you know? with better equipment. new equipment. adam gave me a kinda friendly wave, you know the one where he has his hand down to his waist, and he waved like as if you would do that to a little kid secretly, so not a lot of ppl can tell? well i think he was waving to me with a halfly wink... and when i was thinking about whether or not it was to me, i have everyone asking me, "did he just wave to you?" and i'm like "i think so?" so that was pretty cool.

anyway, overall it was really good, minus the rain and the cold hahah but i had a lot of fun, the girls are all the same. fabulous! cant wait to see you guys again!

oh yeah, my throat hurts now. either from singing or getting sick in the cold and rain... or both :)

maroon 5 <3
makes me sad tho. because i dont think i'll be seeing them for a while :(

OH yeah guess what? today we got this big ass box that said "maroon 5 crew jackets"... i HAD to opened it... so i asked for permission and when it was granted, i opened it hahahahaha the jacket is SO cool! it had "2005 touring crew" on it... and of course maroon 5 on the side and a big 5 on the back. WHEE~! my boss isnt sure why it's there, but he assumed it's for us :D i HOPE SO. cross my fingers. we emailed management asking about it... and they said it's for the staff! YAY!! but not for resale or to give to friends -.- sorry guys... er... girls :(

i have "cant stop" stuck in my head. it's SO about kelly, i dont care what others say LOL now i gotta keep listenin to it so i can sing it word for word next concert... and not pretend to har har har

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