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no longer a student and luck

i just realized that none of my pics under the sfsu account is showing up.
i think i am officially no longer a student.

i really needed that account.
now i gotta find another one that allows me to upload pics and show it elsewhere.
and i cant get the pics i uploaded :(
well i warned my sister... i hope she already have all the ones that mattered saved.

ok time to sleep. it's... three... as luck said... that's six in the east coast...
and of course when he's over there, he'll be gettign calls from me
at this time
since he's all saying how he'll call me at nine when he's walking to class...
because that would be six our time -.-

i hope not.
altho i did got back at him for other times he woke me up tonight
i called and he was half asleep
and he's all like ".... eliza...?..."
and i'm like "luck? you're sleeping?"
"hah! i woke you up!"
"heh yeah"
"ok i'll let you sleep now bye"

man, heather, i just noticed what a twisted relationship we have with luck and this whole waking each other up in the middle of the night deal.
he probably does it to everyone!
well that's luck for you
good night.
tomorrow, i'll wake up to watch csi :D

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