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a few things to say

omg. i just did the most stupid thing. i clicked on the smily face link and when i clicked back, my whole entry is gone... hm... now for the moment of truth... do i retype the whole thing or do a whole new one? sigh, i'll just retype the whole new thing. i had about four things to say and i couldnt really decide on which one to talk about, so i'll just mention all of them.

first if i wasnt adding some friends on my lj, i wouldnt even know that i missed so many entries. whoa ppl! slow down! hehe or maybe it's me and that i've been workign too much? so when i got the time, i just kinda.. you know.. do what i wanna do online. because most of the time, i usually just check journals when i have a lot of free time and i'm not doing anything. like the other day i was catching up and i read that sasalee got a tattoo?!?! what's up with that?! and i told dudum7 and she's like, "you just found out?" der even saw the tattoo. damn, where was i?!?! oh yeah, mars.

second i wish i went to idaho with my whores!! they just showed me some pics of them from today's concert with maroon5! they seemed like they are having sooo much fun!! and i was talkign to them and they were telling me how the guys recognized them from the board and how they dedicated a song to them! whoo! how special is that?! and that jesse loved to hang aroudn them so much, he hung around for about an hour! wtf lol when they are headlining, i am sooo traveling for them! the boardwhores always have so much fun when they travel to see them! argh

third i saw like two movies today! i saw T3 in the afternoon because david had something to do after five and we had to watch it before then. then after the movie, and after standing the whole half hour on the streets, we finally figured out what to do: watch another movie hahah we went to watch pirates of the caribeans. both movies are pretty good, i like it. i could tell that based on this movie, disney is trying to target more ppl rather than the kids. and i gotta say, who isnt? lol

and last but not least i just found out from my parents when they decided to move to las vegas... all i gotta say is that it's soon. they are planning to go by sept... because school starts then, and it's easier for my sister. i'm planning to go with them, but not that soon. probably by the end of this year, i do need time to get the transfer stuff ready and stuff. planned on maybe living with my aunt and if that doesnt work... we'll see. well yeah.


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