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eventful night

last night i went to watch the longest yard with der. she got free screening. the movie was actually pretty good. good free movie. and still worth it if you paid. and i normally dont say that about adam sandler's movies (sorry joy!) not a big fan of his.... but this one is good.

anyway, afterward, we had a pretty eventful night at the bus stop. for a short version, "i was planning my attack" dont mess with heather :P she has my back! hahaha

we were just minding our own business, when four black girls, young, stood near us at the bus stop too. they were from the premier also and the premier handed out some posters. so three out of four of them had posters. the one that didnt have a poster, sat next to heather and the others stood in front of us, playing sword fight with the posters. posters nearly hit der's face, so she lifted her hand up to protect her face and said "excuse me" and being the rude ppl they are, one of the girls who almost hit her said "you're excused"... you can sorta see where this is going... and so we're still just sitting there and they continued with their sword fight and nearly hit der's face again and so heather spoke up and said "what's your problem?" and before you know it.... i'm standing up and i said very nicely "look, i dont care if you play sword fighting with your posters, just try not to do it in front of us" and the same "you're excused girl" said "if you dont like it, you can move" and i said the orignial line, "we were here first" and hahahahahah you wont believe what their friend said, "well we were here first. slavery!" i looked at heather and gave a "wtf" look.

a bunch of name calling were thrown at us. you name it, they said it. and a few swear words here and there. of course. how classy. and i remember one of the first thing i said was "is that the best you can do? you think we'll be scared of you because you're cussing? show some respect, how old are you? 14?" and she shoot back with "yeah i am"

anyway, i sat back down and we're like whatever but they kept dissing everything we wear. mainly our shoes. and heather said something that i thought was really funny, "so what if these are five dollars shoes huh?!" and all they did was laugh. man. they wouldnt leave us alone after that. anythign they can think of, they would diss. i dunno how they think of these things. so i stood back up and i would scream back at some of the comments. and one time they got so loud. i screamed back even louder... and you know i can be very loud, and i said "YOU THINK I AM SCARED OF YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE LOUD? I CAN BE TWICE AS LOUD AS YOU ARE"

this part was funny... they mentioned something about "didnt your mom teach you not to argue with little kids" or something of the sort. and i said "well obviously your mom didnt teach you any manners" and one of them said "do you wanna talk to my momma? i'll call her and you can talk to her" and i'm like "yeah, go ahead and do it!" and she took her phone out and then her friend said "dont give her your phone." and then she said to me "i'm not gonna give you my phone" and i said "that's because you're afraid that i'll tell your mom what you've been doing" and then she's all like "do you even have a cellphone?" and i'm like "yeah, motorola V600, do you even know what that is?"

well anyway, they diss my jacket! my maroon 5 jacket. the touring jacket. and i said, "you cant buy this anywhere!" and they're like "i wouldnt wanna buy it! where you find it? in the dumpster?" and i'm like "yeah go to that dumpster right now and find me one" and then they dissed my car! lol of all things, my car. like "why you takin the bus? probably dont have a car" i didnt even mentioned what car i drove. but i did say "hey at least i can drive" and they thought i was dissing how stupid they were but i was saying that they arent old enough to drive.

uh yeah. it was a good 15 mins. but oh man, if they did something. i think we could've taken them four :P BRING IT ON!

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