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last night/this morning

Happy Birthday Stephen!

it was nice to see everyone again yesterday. unfortunately by the time i got to the bar, stephen was pretty much out. funny stuff was when we were helping him walk into his house, me on one side and our friend on the other, stephen leaned on our mutual friend and our friend placed his hand on the wall and rang the doorbell LOL i was like... wtf? hahahah woke up his dad -.- and it wasnt like a short "duuut" doorbell, it was one of those musical ones with like a min long song or something haha afterward when we got him back in and cleaned him up a bit, i was driving the friend home and he was like "i cant believe i rang the doorbell. and it was a fucking long song. like a whole album!"

ah, yeah. stephen texted me five in the morning to tell me thanks and that he doesnt remember anything but he had fun and we should do it again -.- minus the drunk and puking please :P

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