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dreams: maroon 5-archie-end of the world.

so for the past couple of days, i've been having weird dreams.

Maroon 5 Dream

I was at this garage sale type of place. There were a lot of cool things there and i turned the corner and see maroon 5 sitting at this big table, about to have food. my friends and i (sabrina was there, m5 heather was there) sat down with them and just chit-chatted. we noticed a streetteam demo cd on the table and realized it was a demo cd of m5's new album with a note from a guy saying how great m5 was and here is his phone number, blah blah. you can tell the writing was by a young kid. so i told adam to give the kid a call to say thanks. adam refused, but then soon called the kid anyway.

i was sitting next to jesse at the table and i mentioned to him how my shoulder's been hurting. and he helped me massaged it :D and we flirted a little with the massaging :P like no one else was at the table... and later on, we werent even at the table anymore. and... the ending is up to your imagination. (insert evil laugh here)

Archie Kao!

i dont remember much about this dream except he was with a few freinds in the same room as me... and i pretended i didnt know who he was and we were introduced. it was cool. yay. archie :P

End of the World

last night i had a dream that the world was ending at two. i'm not sure whether it was am or pm, just knew it was two. i was with kevin and laura and for some weird ass reason we wanted to take a look at how the world would end. so at two, we ran outside and everyone was outside looking at the sky. the sky was black but the sun was out. and there was this purple wave ball as big as the sun going towards the sun. then it turned the sun black but you can tell some sunlight was still shining out from it. we kinda hid behind this wall. and i looked at the sun as that purple blob is eating it and i looked at laura and she was sitting down on the floor, hugging her legs. and right when it turns two, i wanted to look at the sun... but my alarm woke me up for work.

wtf. cant even see the world end. oh well

just sharing my dreams with you guys lol
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