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my dilemma: the good, the bad and the ugly

i have a dilemma here. my boss just asked me to go help out with the Maroon 5 Reno Travel Package. I was so excited, i promised already. then i realized some pros and some cons..

+ he's paying for ALL FOUR tickets. free show baby
+ i get to see them do soundcheck and meet and greet. again.
+ get paid!
+ finally get to let them know i work for them now LOL

- BIG deal cant go to KST's cd release!!!! <-- the ugly
- bryan might not get sat off
- if bryan gets if off, we'll need a room

ok. so not as many bad news as good news but i really wanted to go to the KST cd release. so that kinda out weights a lot of the pro. the thing is, if bryan gets the day off, we'll need a room for us. not too bad, they'll probably pay for it. but i'll probably have to share a bed or make someone sleep on the floor hahaha! :P if he cant get the day off, i'll probably just go up with my coworker and meet up with them afterward. basically if they need me for the welcoming reception, i cannot make it to kst's cd release. i'm hoping they dont wanna pay for the hotel and uh... so i just meet up with them for the soundcheck and meet and greet... problem? i think they need me for the reception. ughhhhhh

so sad. but work is work. and maroon 5 is... maroon 5. <3

edited: they need me for the welcoming reception... goodbye kst cd release *cries*

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