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random starbucks encounter

a couple of my coworkers took a break and went to starbucks. asked everyone if they needed anything. they came back and said "guess who we saw at starbucks?"

they explained how they saw a few "men in black" aka security guards outside starbucks and they thought "Uh oh, who important is here?" and they opened the door and right in front of them, eating a scone... was...

Arnold Schwarzenegger!
our governor.

and quite random.

if you're wondering which starbucks, it's the one on 9th and howard. you know, the gas station that has starbucks and bk. across from asia sf. random area too huh. of all places. i guess it's close by the civic center. or something.

frank asked me, "what was he doing there?"
my answer? "eating a scone"


P.S. i need to take a day to myself, stay home and make a better amelie mood... too many of the same picture for different moods! >_

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