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my brother's friend is going on some kind of vacation and wont be back for a week. the friend asked him to take care of his/her dog for him/her and my brother agreed. so one day i walked into the house and i get greeted by the dog, his name is toby. it doesnt bark like mocha tho when he greets you, he just looks at you. and he knows words like sit, hand, come and walk. funny thing is he's probably got asked to sit and then asked for his hand a lot.... because when you tell him to sit, he'll sit and then lift his hand right away. haha

and he's pretty old, ten years old. so about 30 ish?? i dunno. but yeah, he's not hyper and he just walks around minding his own business and sometimes he'll just look at you. lol but you can always hear him walk because of his dog tag, sounds like keys. i love dogs.

i think if laura or frank comes into my house, they wont be afraid of toby :D

OMG, i found another one with archie in it ♥

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