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heather's birthday

Happy Birthday Heather!

we have an eventful weekend coming up. starting off with margarita drinks after work, dinner and then free doughnuts afterward :D what can i say? krispy kreme knew that it was heather's birthday. maybe we can go bowling too, since we're in the area... like really close by lol make sure it's after 1230 AM :P i dont think i've bowled with kevin... yet? so that would be cool :P

i'm excited about tomorrow. tomorrow consisted of chilling at der's for a fashion show lol and then dinner and then clubbing! whee~! i really wanna go clubbing for some reason, maybe because i didnt go last weekend and sorta wanted to. last time i went to dna, it was pretty fun. so hopefully this time it's just as good. cant wait to see another one of those asian american idol thing teehee.

whoo! are you ready? :P

P.S. i dig this hyper picture hahah can anyone tell what it is?

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