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what's your type?

1. Confident or shy? Confident
2. Cute or Cool? hmm... cute
3. Fashionable or casual? doesnt matter as long as it looks good
4. Interesting or funny? interesting... trust me... i laugh at things easily, so funny isnt really that big of a deal lol
5. Mysterious or out-in-the-open? mysterious, i always want things i cant have har har har but uh, not too mysterious. i can move on fast too lol
6. Intelligent or witty? intelligent. grissom :D
7. Conversationalist or more than words? actions speak louder than words. besides, i'm pretty chatty myself, i can get most non-chatty ppl to talk
8. Rich or middle class? middle is fine for me. thanks. rich guys have more options LOL
9. Romantic or buddy type? buddy but knows how to be romantic at times :P
10. Intellectual or sporty? intellectual. :)
11. Cuddly or has to be a good kisser? cuddly, a good kisser can be trained har har har
12. nice teeth or nice eyes? nice teeth.
13. Understanding or patient? patient is good... without patient... how can he take time to understand?
14. Musician or athlete? this is hard LOL ask me again later
15. Smoker or non-smoker? NON, i think i've came to a conclusion that i cant date smokers
16. Drinker or non-drinker? non is preferred lol
17. Traditional or go-with-the-flow? go-with-the-flow, but remembers the manners that has been passed down by tradition. e.g. respect elders
18. Adventure seeker or laid back? adventure seeker, i dunno why i cant stand ppl who cant risk or try new things
19. Long or short hair? short please
20. Shorter than 170cm or taller than 170cm? just my height or taller is fine
21. Wear glasses or contact lens? whatever, contacts?
22. Good listener or good teller? good listener
23. Is there a guy like your type? nooo clue, but if you know one, send him over lol

so i was talking to heather about this. she teased how i picked both sides for almost everything! so i changed it to picking only one side for most lol but anyway i was talking to frank about "my type" and i'm reminded that i'm not sure what "my type" is. i was told once by der that i dunno what my type is or i dont date my type. but frank told me something that made a lot of sense... "i dont think anyone really [know what is their type] or anyone really follows through on it" which i agree because i dont :X. he said that when you like someone, there really isnt an explaination to why.

but if that's the case, then why do we know when someone is NOT our type? if we can pin point that a particular person is NOT our type, why cant we pin point what is our type? frank's answer? "because ppl change. there are so many charateristics to a person, it's hard to determine what is compatible and what is not. one person might be more tolerable than others"

i always figure the only way to find out if someone is our type or not is to get to know them more. unfortunately for my experiences, if i like the dude, many times i'm already dating the guy before i figure that out. and when it doesnt work out, i move on. next time, i should really get to know the guy before i get too involved.

anyway, open for discussion to the whole "you type" deal, should there actually be such a thing? (such as there's a list of qualities that's "your type".) agree or disagree?

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