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WTF. some m5 photos i came across

i got this off of the m5 message boards


i cannot believe maroon 5 posed shirtless. hahahaah so weird.
when i see them this weekend, i can say "yo, i saw that shirtless shot" LoL

and uh. what's up with this picture? LOLOL
brother love! let's hug~!
I mean yeah they look good but...
James' hand is on mickey's head and Ryan's arm.
mickey's HOLDING onto Adam "i'll never let go, Jack Adam"
Ryan's looking model-ish... kinda feminine "No Mickey! Adam's mine!" lol
Jesse is being... classy while his head is on James' head? he's missing his top hat.
and what's up with Adam? no love from him.
(love triangle going on here. looks like a good soup opera LOL kinda reminds me of the L-Word pic)

considering that i work for them, i should really catch up on these pictures they take LOL

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