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random xanga post - lazy - absence - decisions - quotes

i think this is one of the most random xanga post i've ever read.

In Street Fighter 2, anyone ever notice that in the background of Guile's stage, the girl leaning on the soldier has her hand a lil to close to his...err...area? Sonic booM!!

but i had a good laugh.

anyway *moans* i'm feeling rrreeeaaaalllyyy lazy today. -.- i'll actually start working at like 11 or 12... or something.... yeah.... after the meeting... :P

i hope heather and laura party hard for us out of sf! try not to do anything i would do bwhahaha :P dont worry about us and bowling. summer's here! we'll carry out the weekly thing while you're away. you'll be there with us in spirit. lol

i cant decide if i wanna go clubbing tomorrow or watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. LOL i guess i'll have jesse decide for that. call me damnit! i just want to see him again. but if he calls and we meet up, i'll bring him to the clubs. you know, experience it. besides, i think he'll like it. if he doesnt call. movie it is.

two famous quotes:
"absence makes the heart grow fonder."
"the higher the expectations, the higher the disappointment"
Tags: funny, quotes

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