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andy.lau. - tonight

so. heather is at the east coast and i'm taking care of her babies (aka turtles) that kevin gave her: andy and lau. (does that mean that these babies are hers and kevin's? har har har :X) i decided to bring it to work so i can look after it and from my walk from the back of the bus to the bus door and from the bus stop to my work, i had like about 5 ppl come up and ask me what i have in the tank thingy. "fishes?" "crabs?" "ohhhh turtles?!" "awww they're sooo cute!" or they would look in curiousity and i'll just show them.

yeah. andy and lau get a lot of attention.

anyway last night i took a look at them and they both had their eyes closed and they werent moving. "oh no!" thought they were dead. so i poked the tank thingy to see if they had any reaction. they were sleeping. whew!

i just fed them and like heather said, to put the food closer to the smaller one, lau, because the bigger one, andy, steal food hehehe. so i did that and andy went and start eating them really fast and lau's just... uh... there. food was RIGHT in front of him. NOPE. didnt wanna eat. no wonder it's smaller! maybe it's not hungry. or it has an eating disorder o.O

anyway one of my coworkers was playing with it, talking to it. and andy kept looking at her and she's like "howww you doing" LOL and then she's like "i wonder if i move, if it'll follow me" and she moved and it did! haha

yeah, imagine the fun i have with dogs lol
anyway andy is so picking on lau, i looked over and somehow lau is in between the rocks and andy's on top of lau hahah they're trying to escape!

jesse still hasnt called me yet. that bastard. oh well. i'm going to reno tomorrow morning... and i think he leaves on the same day i come back from reno. -_- oh well, maybe next time. i called up salina last night about clubbing tonight, she doesnt feel like going. the "i'm always up for clubbing" salina doesnt feel like going! at least ming said yes :D so hopefully that would get salina to go. hmmmm... but anyway i already asked ming that if we cant get enough ppl to go clubbing, how about a movie? she's good for that too. :) hopefully it doesnt fall through and i'll end up at home watching "the mission" lol well i guess that's not TOO bad either

ewww houghes is in my mood theme! i really dont like him too much but i read that his character gets better in season four and five? we'll see.

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