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convo with jen

jen: i just called my prof.. got her voice mail.. kinda funny
jen: 'if this is an emergency, call 911"
jen: "or ur local psychiatric hospital"
jen: hahahah!
jen: i just found that amusing
jen: :P
me: all clinics and hospitals i've called say that on their voicemails
me: some doctors leave their cell number on their voicemails if they are closed
me: for emergencys
me: their voicemails say the same thing
jen: hm.. maybe i should do that for my voice mail
jen: well i mean if my clients call me
jen: and it's an emergency
jen: wut if they dont kno to call 911?
jen: i now understand that i have the need to let them know
jen: who they can contact

thought it was funny. i laughed hard.
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