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michael jackson trial

we're watching michael jackson's trial on tv at work right now... now they are betting on what the verdict would be. "what do we get if we win?" "a trip to neverland!" "ew!" LOL i love my job. "if we did michael jackson's fan club, we could've done "the verdict travel package" to this trial" lol they were discussing what are the 10 counts that michael jackson is charged for.

oh they found it

and now they are discussing if those counts are valid. "that's bs! parents drove their kids over there!"

anyway, what is your vote? if gulity, on how many counts? i guess we'll see VERY soon what the jurors decided on... when mofo mj gets to court!

my boss just walked in and said "this is very OJ Simpson, dont you think?"

... anyway this reminds me of a stand-up that we were listening to from the trip to reno and back. they made fun of michael jackson of course.

"michael jackson made a mistake in being a singer, he should've been a priest!"
"michael jackson is trying to say that his trial is racist. (or something along the line) what race, michael?! you have to pick a race first before you can scream that!"


OMG! NOT GUILTY?!!?!?!? WOW. lol what can i say? "The Accused Is Entitled" 3x2 of CSI lol
btw, my boss won the bet. lol

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