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idiot customer

you know, you think now that i'm OFF the phones i wont be encountering any dumb or/and rude customers/fans. nooooooo i get them through emails. great.

so i got an email asking if she can purchase four tickets, for her, her husband and their 2 kids. we only limited two tickets per member per show. so i advise her to have her husband join, so they can get four tickets... but unfortunately they might not be seated together. so i advise her that one parent can get one kid, so the kids wont be alone. or if they really want to be seated together, they can purchase it elsewhere that sells four tickets at a time.

then she emails me back saying how disappointed she is and how she joined the fan club mainly for the early ticket purchase, better seatings offered and a possibility of a meet and greet... and how she noticed we dont offer that and how she can probably get a better chance of a meet and greet by getting an appointment with the singer.

Uhm.... is it me or did her responce not make sense?

"can i buy four tickets together?"
"sorry ma'am we only limit two tickets per member per show"
"i am disappointed in this fan club! you dont offer things listed on the site! i probably have a better chance getting meet and greet elsewhere!"

you see, the thing is, we do offer all those things she mentioned. maybe not for this show, but we do offer it. why else advertise it if we dont right? we also DID state on the website we are limiting two tickets per member per show and we do not seat ppl together (otherwise, it would be too much of a hassle)

it never fails to amaze me how ppl can be/act. lol
i think my padded wall icon is perfect for this entry :D
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