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csi dreams - m5 dreams - getting fat - work

i think watching csi before i sleep has affected my dreams greatly.

two days ago i had a dream that warrick from csi was in love with me. uh yeah. dont quite remember how it went, just knew that much. i was working for csi as something tho... not part of the team... not in the dna lab... not sure what i was but i knew i was working in the lab and warrick was in love with me but he has a messed up gf LOL

i woke up with a fist for some reason... my left hand was in a tight fist... and i have long nails... so i left a huge and deep ass imprint of my index finger's nail. left my hand all numb, i think i cut off some sort of circulation there.

same night, i dreamed that i was eating cake LoL and i woke up drooling LOL i normally do not drool, so that was sick and interesting at the same time

last night i dreamed that i was working for csi. hahahaha again! but this time i'm csi 3, so i'm on the field and whatnot. and adam was a friend of mine but his hotel was a crime scene and i was doing my job. i took all his things as evidence... and then the cops found one thing he tried to hide from us and i had to confiscate it. adam told me that it was supposed to be a surprised to his friend, Jill (yeah i have no clue who that is) which explained why he hid it and asked me if it made a difference if i had it or not. i remember saying something that they always say on csi, "it depends on what we find"

i think i dreamed this dream because the last episode i saw was Lady Heather's Box... and the scene where he had to get a warrant for lady heather's vaccine kinda reminds me of how i had to confiscate adam's things. like you know they didnt do, but you have to do your job kinda thing. yeah i know, weird.

then yesterday i dug up a skirt i used to wear back in sophomore year of college. i remember this because i remember wearing it for my bf at the time. so i tried putting it on yesterday and i couldnt fit it! o.m.g. i know i've gain some weight, but this is just sad LOL


you know, you take a day off, friday, from work and you come back monday with 50+ emails and 30+ real letters to open. wtf. and i'm not even counting other things i gotta do. i mean granted mondays are the worse because we're close on the weekends, so a lot of mail and emails piles up during then. but really. wow. i dunno what i'm gonna do when i come back from ny that monday. HELP!

and if you're wondering, i'm on lunch right now :P
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