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so today i saw hanson played live at the slims. acoustic. i gotta say, they are really good. esp, live. what talent. i kinda forgot how much talent they have heheh. yes i do have some of their albums, but didnt buy anymore after they stopped playing for a while. in the middle of the show, someone in the audience waved at taylor and i was reminded of the time i was at one of the m5 shows, how i waved at jesse and he nodded at me =) yes it was at me!! hehe ah, i cant wait till the end of september hehe. oh yeah, i though this was cute. taylor was about to sing his solo and he was getting ready. and someone yelled, "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!" and he said, "thank you, so are you" LOL and the whole crowd went "awww" lol i gotta admit, he's gotten older (and married and a father LOL) and his hair gotten shorter... and he is extremely good looking. reminds me of Leo (Dicaprio) =) i saw his wife carry their baby boy around the venue while they were playing. heheh the baby was so cute, he had these earphones on him heheh how cute is that! little baby ears are sensitive =)

a funny thing at the show was that they were VERY strick about cameras in the venue. they went back and forth the line like twice to see if we had cameras. and even went throughly through the bags! then as we go in, they checked us again! not like i care since i didnt bring one even if they let us hahah but yeah, they were really strick about it. but near the end when they said that "this is the last song" they'll play, flashes start going off non stop! and that's not an exageration! from the left to the right, every 5 frickign seconds!! it got to a point that i'm like "are those flashes part of the show?!" hahahahahah i know some ppl sneaked their cameras in, but damn, that was a lot of flashes hahaha

now i'm just waiting for letterman to show so i can watch M5 :D

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