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ready for snowboarding season

uhm. yeah. today my sister woke me up and asked me to drive her to stonestown. we have a few time left and she's like "i'm gonna go burn a cd" so as i laid on my bed half asleep i realized that i might as well stop by copelands to take a look at the snowboards... i'm almost certain they are really cheap around this time of year.

well just as i said, they were 40% off. :D so i'm looking around and i was greeted by a sales guy. and before you know it, he's helping me putting on my bindings and whatnot. hahahahhahah so now i have a snowboard and all the good stuff i needed and always wanted to get for a while now. i jsut wish it was in red and not blue since my whole snowboarding outfit is red... hm... maybe i should buy a blue outfit? ahahah!

whooo~ is it snowboarding season yet? now i just need to find a few ppl that i can go snowboarding with LOL i was askign ppl yesterday if they want to go and all planning it and stuff hahaha now i just need to figure out for the ppl that would go with me often... exactly where would they like to go... so i know where to buy the season pass for.

if you're going snowboarding/skiing/tahoe.... anything snow related, yeah CALL ME~
cant wait to use my gear

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