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i'm so irritated at my coworker who's downstairs right now. he's a temp. i've been here for almost half a year before he joined us. but he's a lot older than me. so when i was downstairs and he made a mistake, i would nicely remind him that it would be easier for him or just better on all parts if he did it another way, speaking from experience. but he'll get all defensive at me and pretend he doesnt care if he made a mistake, give me excuses to why he did it that way or he'll just say "oh well." so prideful. no respect on his end.

i just hate how he talks to me as if he could do my job better simply because he's fucking older. i have different responsibilities now, i do more now. he's doing what i did before.

and no, he doesnt do it better.


in a lighter note, my new coworker who sits right across from me is really cool. he reminds me a little of dot. you know... dotdotdot... lol anyway he just stood up to get something and said, "my butt hurts" and mentioned something about the chair. and i was laughing at him and said "you were busy last night!" hahaha (he's also gay) he gave me this surprised look, my other coworkers all laughed and one of my other coworker said, "is that sexual harrassment?" and my new coworker, whom i just teased, said, "i think it is... and i like it!" lol

the good and the bad sorta balance out each other.
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