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a little short update about NY

hi i'm back! at work right now... and as usual, when i have a day or two off, i got hella shit lying around waiting for me to start/do. but it'll do a short update... all i gotta say is...

or maybe it's martin? shopping with him makes me look at things a little different. things i normally will not try out or whatnot, he'll go "this reminds me of you, you should try it on" and before you know it, i'm buying hella things i normally wouldnt even look at twice! lol i love watching him watch people, he has so much inspiration and creativity flowing through that head of his. i love how he would have to stop and draw his inspiration down. i love watching him draw.

i'm so impressed
sigh, i wish he still lived in SF.

anyway, about NY, i think i'm done with visiting it. hahah too dirty for my taste, dirtier than HK! W.T.F. martin told me that the population of new york city (with brooklyn) is 16 MILLION ppl, HK's 6 million... no wonder it's so much dirtier... but i had a lot of fun. but uh, what is up?! all i did was fricking EAT. hi, i was on an ice cream diet hahahahahah and i spent sooooo much money, yeah i'm hella broke now -___-

i dont think i'll be going out that much for a while... i need to "patch up the hole" in my NEW wallet har har har har

- i know i hella lag in uploading pictures... but since i'm planning on staying at home for a while, i think they will be up soon... hopefully! along with the vegas ones from uh... a few months ago lol

oh... uh... laura is gonna kill me... but from my trip from atlanta to martin's room... i lost the puzzle keychain >_< SORRY!!!!

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