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so this morning my coworker told us a joke. i decided to take a break from work (teehee) and tell you guys this joke. altho i think it's better if she tells it, in person, since she's so animated... but i think it shouldnt be a problem if it's online :)

three good girlfreinds were in a car accident and all ended up at the gates of heaven. st. paul was there and he said "i only have one rule: do not step on the ducks" the three girls thought that the request was weird but easy, so they all, of course, agreed and walked into the gates of heaven. load and behold, once they walked through, there were TONS of ducks everywhere.

they tried to be careful but the first girl still accidentally stepped on a duck. immediately st. paul appeared with the MOST ugliest guy you've ever seen in your life and said, "i'm sorry, but you stepped on a duck. you will have to be bond with this ugly guy for the rest of eternity!"

after that, the two remaining girls were more careful on where they step. a few weeks passed and the second girl also stepped on a duck. same thing, immediately st. paul appeared with an ugly guy, they were bond for eternity. so after that, the third girl freaked out and made sure not to step on any ducks.

months have past and she was doing good, but out of nowhere, st. paul appeared with the best looking guy she's ever seen in her life! tall, dark, handsome, nice eyes and nice smiles! st paul just bond them together for eternity and left.

so the girl asked the good looking guy, "what did i do to deserve to be bond with such a good looking guy like you?" the guy responded, "i dunno about you, but i stepped on a duck"

the end :)
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