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"waiting... with two thumbs up my nose"

ahahah so i'm in school right now, just added this 8 AM class, but you know what? THE TEACHER IS COOL heheh she's really interesting to listen to. and the best part of it all is that she takes attendance and it will affect your grade!! whoooo!! motivation. you know for sure i wont be skipping class anymore hehe. (except for that one day because... you know... M5 comes first haha) i think if i become a teacher, i would be just like her. talkative, loud and very open. she's a sex teacher :D very comicial. moves a lot and have a lot of tone! hehehe! so i added her class, yes, and i realized that she's also teaching another 8 AM class on MWF, sex and relationship, yes the one i failed last semester because i couldnt stay up for the teacher... who happened to be my other sex teacher now (*makes a face*) for my sex and variation class. now i know i shouldnt take so many easy classes in one semester, but you know what... that's all i got right now hahahahah oh wells.

so anyways, my point of the update, i just did this whole LJ sitcom and i realized that they always make me Margeret Cho, for one... not sure why my sn has anything to do with that... and made all my lj frends who are girls into guys and guys into girls hahahahahahahah wtf. ahahahahh so yeah. if you want me to put it up, i will. but right now. i'm lazy hehe even tho i have 20 min to do jackshit. yeah, waiting for next class. but yeah, i am actually QUITE awake right now. WHOO. this semester will be fun bwhahaha. 3 sex classes, one speech class and a class that is so not special that i decided not to name LOL.

how's your semester going so far? :D


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