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backstreet boys and maroon 5

i really should work... but one more update lol

a few days ago i was talking to my brother about backstreet boy's new album. a friendly reminder, i used to be a really big fan of theirs, back in my early teens. so my mom heard and our conversation sorta went like this (please keep in mind this was all in chinese):

my mom: "they are still around? didnt they split?"
me: no they just came out with a new album
"they are pretty good looking guys"
yeah, but they're old now
"arent maroon 5 older than them?"
!!!!! what?! maroon 5 are only a few years older than me
"really? they look older..."

wtf? lol when i liked bsb in my early teen years, most of them were mid to late twenties, nick was the only one who's a little close to my age. now that i'm in my early twenties, maroon 5 are in their mid twenties. uh yeah, so bsb should be in their early 30's

just some random facts for you.

Consecrated to God : Hebrew

You are a visionary with courage and enthusiasm if a little hasty at times. Your ambitious nature can be satisfied when you apply wisdom, patience and self-discipline to your vitality and zest. You have wonderful way with words and may be drawn to the communications arena where there is the potential for great success. Your generous and warm nature attracts many friends and loved ones.

i dont think i have a wonderful way with words... but definitely drawn to the communications arena hahhah communication major~ :P

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