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weekend recap.

i misspelled livejournal... i think i spelled it without a "n"? and it gave me some kind of porno site... interesting... anyways. i've been quite busy lately, so let me tell you how my weekend went.

saturday. it was really weird, some ppl that said they would make it, couldnt and some ppl that said they might not, did! it's really weird. but all in all it ended alright. like heather and salina both had something to do (not together i believe?) and they couldnt make it to dinner... but in the end, heather made it for dessert and a drink hehe. jason was late even tho he lived the closest! haha but it's all good. and while denys and i were going to outback, he thought about bringing his brother along also because his brother and i had the same birthday. and so we did that hahah denys just called his brother, said some things, and handed me the phone. and i talked to him as if i knew him forever and asked him to join us. and he didnt even asks me who i was and said "ok" LOL i guess he thought that his brother wouldnt join some girl to kidnap him, now would he? lol or maybe he recognized me? since we did hung out before? but anyways, i thought we had to pick up salina but apparently we didnt. and along the way, we almost got into an accident! we were on judah and we didnt have a stop sign... and this girl had a stop sign and she wsa turning right. and for some GODDAMN reason, she didnt look to her left, only her right. and she didnt see us coming at all. denys had to make a totally curve to avoid her. and he was HELLA pissed. lol he stopped and look behind him to see wtf that girl was doing. and the girl wouldnt drive up to us. she was scared! hahaha and the whole time denys was looking in his car saying, 'what should i throw at her' LOL and i'm just like "calm down" lol

dinner was good. i had like the best steak! even tho it was small. hehe should've ordered 10 oz. but omg, it was sooo good. soooo good that i had to share it with ppl heheh i was thinking of ordering red wine but i joked about a cosmo (sex and the city really got to me) and kevin just stood up and got me one! i was like, "oh shit! what should i do?!" and denys just said, "just drink it" LOL i just wanna point this out because i thought that it was cute, carlos said how he wanted to order mac and cheese and said to elaine, "elaine! elaine! order mac and cheese for me!" because it was on the kids meal and you know how baby face elaine is hehehe elaine was like *eyes widen* "do you wanan die?!" or something like that in chinese hahah

afterwards, i wasnt aware at all but someone told the waitress that it was my birthday and she got me dessert. and carlos was even more slick, amy left to go to the bathroom and he sat in her seat, next to me, so i didnt see the waitress coming. the dessert was good =)oh yeah, after they sang happy birthday to me, a few mins later, the table next to us was singing it also! hahaha and i turned around and said happy birthday and she said something about how i'm still a baby and she's old. but i think the alcohol was kicking in so i wasnt that slick... i mean it's not like i was slick to begin with but the alcohol just made it worst hahah and heather was all whispering to me saying, "you should've told her that she doesnt look old!" or something liek that and then she said, 'well it's too late now' LOL but in the end, when i was leaving, i took all my gifts, which were many little bags and they said, "oh you did good tonight!" and i wished her happy birthday again and she said, "Same to you! hope you can live up to my age!" and this time i remembered to be slick and said, "but that's only in two years!" haha that's the best i can come up with LOL

i dont remember if we did this before or after the dessert, but i think i said i'll go get heather a drink because she just got there and before i know it, kevin, heather and i were at the bar ordering tequilas hehe whoo the bartender said "happy birthday" lol and all three of us took that down. at first we were wondering which goes first? the salt? the tequila? so we asked the bartender and she told us that it's salt, tequila and lime. heheh so that's what we did.

k was good. i realized they didnt have that many new english songs as i thought! but never the less there were some. a few ppl (not sure how many because a lot of ppl kept coming in and out of the room) went to go get some tequila and snuck it in! hehe and then they got the shot glasses jason got me for my birthday for it. the cool thing about it was that there was this uv light in the room and the shot glasses glow in the uv light heheh. and yeah! heather was right! a lot of the times she wasnt in the room! and i recall thinking that she was with denys the whole thime too! heheh what were YOU guys doing Huh HUH lol =P i mean really! i thought heather went out to go to the bathroom and denys just followed! LoL ok, i'll stop teasing.

i just wanna thanks everyone for coming and for the gifts! love them all! i used quyen's gift right away hehe and i hope you guys had fun. =) and you know what, i'm never drinking again. hahah it's not like i drank a lot but alcohol doesnt make me feel too good

sunday, i had dinner with jonathan and his freinds. apparently one of his freinds have the same birthday as me! surprise! lol so we decided to celebrate it together. cam mistaken nickole and thought we were having a party at outback (which i really dont mind going... hehe was gonna order the same but 10 oz) but he mistaken another steak restaurant for it LoL but it's all good, it's still steak.

i think this was the funniest part. the waitress was takign away our plates and i whispered to her that "today is my friend's birthday, he's on the opposite end of the table." and she nodded to me. and while cam was talking to nickole, the waitress was coming to him on the other side, but nickole signaled to her "two" and i was liek "Shit" lol and i saw the waitress hurrily walked away. it was quite funny actually. hahah and when she came back, she said, 'so who has the other birthday?' and they all pointed to me LOL and she's like "OH! and you're the one who told me too!" lol but yeah, it was all good. hehe

well now i gotta go back to work. a year older haha

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