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yesterday i went to the fillmore for kareoke. i picked a japanese song that i practically memorized... but i also wanted to test my hiragana... and the lyrics came up as romanji! i was so happy hahahahah i can sing the song~! well i could read it... uh... singing it is another story. but hehehe yay! too bad they only have like ONE song that i would like to sing. it would be so fun to sing "traveling" or something

oh well. and they have some pretty new songs. anna nalick too~! o.O but like... it's so ghettofied! like YEAH really ghetto hahahhahahahaha it's just a blue screen with words. not even that generic video of the really happy girl playing with the ocean for a sad break up song.

quote of the day: i was medicated
(reasoning behind something you normally wouldnt do :P)

hahahahahah~! :D i'm in a good mood
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