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Mr December with Miss May

a couple of weeks back, this couple, mr. December with miss may, walked into the store i work at and wanted to buy a $9000 TV. since it's a big tv, they wanted to ship it. Mr. December was paying, but it was shipping to Miss May's house, if you havent figured it out by now, not the same address. i personally rung them up myself. stanford, my coworker, was the one who helped them out: he got a total of about 10,000 sales for that one transaction. and the whole time stanford was helping out them, he kept saying in chinese that he's gonna get in trouble, "he'll probably come in here wanting to sue us when she leaves him after the tv gets sent to her." stanford thinks miss may is a hooker. mr december and miss may have been our talk of the week. we would laugh about it and some coworker asked me if she was pretty. and when i told them, "no," they would say, "then she must be something in bed if she's worth 10 grand."

but... about last week, i picked up a phone call mentioning how he paid for something to be shipped and he wanted to know what he bought, how much it costed and where it's getting shipped too. yes i thought the same, "wtf? you dunno?" it was mr. december. (maybe he was on drugs when he paid for everything) after i told him what he bought and how much it costed, he wanted to cancel it. and mr. december and miss may were once again our topic of the week. stanford, of course, was the only person who didnt laughed much about this. and then not long after the phone call, mr december, by himself, came by and canceled the transaction

TODAY, oh my, today, while i was walking around at work, i saw them again! holding hands and whatnot. i instantly went looking for stanford and pointed them out. stanford already knew about them for he was actually setting up another transaction for him. apparently, mr december had once again fell into miss may's trap. ok maybe i should be nicer, maybe he really thinks that he's "in love" har har but yeah, he bought her another tv, it's cheaper... but with more accessories... and this time, she's bringing it with her. (LOL) i must add that when someone slaps you once, it's his fault, but when someone slaps you the second time, it's your fault. miss may definitly learned something from the last transaction, but apparently mr december didnt haha so yeah, it's a cheaper tv and whatever, but miss may wasnt alone on this, she bought a friend. and not longer, her mother came in... apparently mr december isnt buying stuff for miss may only. it's for her, her friends and her mother LOL whoo is he whipped. but what i found awfully amuzing is that miss may's friend was hugging and being all friendly to mr december too... and the total added up to be similar to what he paid for last time

what can i say? i think someone's getting a lot of action tonight. can we say threesome? haha!

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