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conversation with my brother

him: when you going camping?
me: 13th
him: ic
me: i dont think i need the car, but i might
him: you gonna drive it to camp?
me: yeah, it's in muir woods
me: it's a controlled place, with roads
me: and parking lots
him: what kinda of camp has a parking lot
him: gum doi dut
me: yeah
me: it's with cabins
me: and porta potties
me: you know, "camping"
me: with kitchens lol
him: thats called hotel
me: no, it's in the woods!
him: hotel in the woods then

i told my family i was going camping on the 13th. it's so much easier than explaining what i plan to do lol in a nutshell, it's SORTA like camping. i mean all the times i went "camping" with my school... it's with cabins and bathrooms and all that good stuff hahah i never really went actual camping before... except that water rafting with my cousin and her friends.

ugh which reminds me. i really wanna go rafting this month, but nope, my cousin's having a bridal shower on the same day. of course, i go to that one. but my cousin wanna go rafting with me too if it wasnt for her wedding stuff going on hahaha and now there's this other thing going on with der and something about secret place on the same day?

interesting. so many things are going on that day! too bad i can only do one at a time.

i cant believe it's aug already!
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