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crossing the line

so i get the usual "wanna go watch (insert movie) today after work?" in this case, it was stealth. in most movies or tv shows, most viewers would protray that as being asked out on a date. but for us, it's just like a regular hanging out question. i'm sure it's the same for most ppl i know. and we answered "yes" or "no" to the person who asked with no stress of whether you like the guy or have hurt the guy. it's so weird. i think that's why they say friends cannot date each other. you're not sure how to cross the line. where is the line?! how do you know if anyone is crossing it or not without actually hearing/saying "yes i'm asking you out on A DATE"

like one time, someone said to me that we should eat dinner together sometimes. and i'm like "sure just let me know when" and he acted surprised that i said "sure" and he's like "really?" at first i was curious to why he sounded surprised and then it later hit me that he might've asked me out on a date and i said "yes" without really realizing it.

not good.

but i'm so used to going out one on ones with a guy friend that it never struck me as a big deal... or a date.

and how about the times i want it to be a date? one time i asked a guy friend out and i had to add "on a date" in order for him to know that it's no regular hanging out thing. at first he's like "sure let's do it. let's pretend" and when i said i'm not, he said, "you're joking right?"

where's the line?

i should really get back to work

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