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annoying classmates

so i have two morning classes by the same teacher: sex and relationships and contemporary sexuality. my teacher has told us that she tries to teach those both classes as different as possible... but you know... there are some basics that every sex class needs. or at least, i think, she feels so. so today she taught the same thing she did for the other class last week, friday: definition of sex, gender and sexuality.

now i can really give a crap if she taught it over, i was just wondering, should i copy the notes again, or no? i decided to, since if hearing it and writing it down once helps you remember things, then how would it be twice?! OoOoOoOoh it's like a review you know? so i'm just doing my thing, taking notes, and then my whole focus got knocked off by some voices behind me. fucking *&*^$@&#$ (i didnt know what to call them hehe so i left it blank) but anyways, apparently they have the two same classes as i do. and they were talking (or complaining maybe?) about how she already taught this to the other class. *%@#%&!!! (couldnt think of a better swear word) just because you heard it doesnt mean other ppl in the class did!!! it almost felt like they were trying to show off that they heard it before. and they are soo fucking rude. they would laugh at my teacher's jokes. our teacher's jokes.and then call it "stupid" afterwards. and mind that when you talk about the same stuff, the same jokes tend to come up, you know? so when my teacher was talking about this one part... i instantly knew that the same joke from friday will come up... well it was so obvious, those *%&^@*& behind me knew also and imitated the teacher saying the joke, before she actually did. i mean CAN YOU BE MORE IMMATURE, THANK YOU? OH WOW, Look at you! you're a psychic now! keep in mind that i'm a VERY grumpy person in the morning, and things irriate me even more. have some respect.

but then i was reminded that i was like that once, TWO YEARS AGO. i didnt tease the teacher or anything, but i was talking a lot. and i remember johnny telling me how he thought i was rude for doing that... ah... yes... i was =( never again man, never again.

just out of curiousity, what sex do you think those !@#%^*& are? for some reason, when i was thinking up this entry in my head, if i was a reader, i think of one gender... so tell me


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