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jealousy + insecurity + bitch = contradiction

hey i'm watching a new chinese soap again... (laura this is your time to not read if you havent watch the bakery one) anyway, heroine works at this really popular bakery store, it's a bakery story. and they were given a really big project, some big guy's daughter (we'll call her bitch) is getting married and they want a cake. blah blah blah.

later on you see the heroine bumping into her ex bf. they were nice to each other, they had dinner, they caught up (he's getting married) and exchanged phone numbers. then in the next scene, you see the bitch come into the bakery store, asking for the heroine, and once found her, slapped her. apparently the heroine's ex bf is the bitch's now fiance. (surprised!) and the bitch goes on about how dare the heroine has the nerve to try to steal her fiance away. how she's prettier, smarter, has a better body, is vice president of some big company whereas the heroine is just a trainee in the bakery store. (basically she's overall better and the heroine has no chance) blah blah blah and you know, being a bitch and then canceling her cake order.

now if i was the heroine, i would've been like "if you really do think you're overall better than me, then i shouldnt pose as a threat and you wouldnt even be here" and probably get fired afterward hah!

i really dont understand ppl like that. seriously, jealousy is one thing. but to go so far to confront the girl when it's something small like having dinner... then you're being insecure about yourself. no trust in your fiance at all.

i just think that what the bitch said and did was totally contradicting each other. if you say you're overall better, you should be confident about yourself right? you're overall better. but if you're confident in yourself, why are you confronting the girl saying that you're better and she doesnt stand a chance? if you do that, obviously you feel she poses as some kind of threat to your relationship. and if you really are better, then no matter what any girl does, like you said, your guy would pick you over her, right?

yep yep. i'm just thinking out loud :)

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