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the weekend

the weekend, including friday, was really fun.

happy birthday to christine and stella!

stella was out on friday. lol i hope christine had fun :D yeah a lot of ppl were out that night... uh huh... including myself -__- we hardly danced. all i remember was hearing some slow songs and before you know it, the lights were on. already?!? oh ok... everything is so fuzzy with alcohol... i am never drinking again >_< trouble makers! (but i heard clubbing again this friday? when and where?! hahah!)

sat was cool too. weather was a little cold. good bbq food tho :) i wanna thank everyone that was able to make it and the gifts. :) i wish we were able to finish the game tho. oh well, i just hope everyone had fun. :) afterward, went home and showered... then met up with a few ppl to watch "the skeleton key." boy... that was... soOoOo... BORING. even for a scary cat like me. went out for a dessert after that.

sunday, i rested. yes. thats all i did. much needed rest.

this friday, if we're going clubbing again, i'm up for that hahaha without the alcohol this time :P and then maybe i'll go clubbing with dominic on saturday. o.O

here i come~! haha! it's like i'm trying to sneak in all these parties before school... except i dont have school anymore! haha

sigh, i really hope history doesnt repeat itself...

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