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Britney Spears - Do Something

during my time where i "tour" i would always wake up with music in my head. it's like a mental radio, it's pretty cool. usually they are songs i've heard the night before or something... make sense right? recently i dont get that anymore... but today i woke up with a song stuck in my head and it just kept playing over and over again! i dont remember the last time i heard it.

did "do something" by britney get played this friday? someone help? heather? salina? carlos?

uh yeah. lol i was just wondering.

my operation manager is playing all these hip hop songs right now. "goodies" just came on by ciara and i asked him to change it to "oh" for me. he gave me this "shaking his head" look and he played it hehe

yeah, i think i'm gonna go clubbing this weekend for sure lol <-- me dancing to "oh"

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