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i've been trying to get devipz to go clubbing for the LONGEST of time now. i've been rejected every time i asked because this girl is busier than me when i had two part time jobs and school.

but i guess because it's my birthday, she said if i go clubbing on the 27th, she'll come. now i originally wasnt planning on going clubbing on the weekend of my birthday. esp. how 1. school already started, 2. some ppl would've went water rafting that day (and probably too tired to go clubbing afterward), 3. i heard someone else is having another party then, 4. my clubbing buddy, der, is doing something that's also gonna take all day (also probably too tired afterward to go! that is if she doesnt reject me because of homework) and most importantly, 5. my cousin's bridal shower is that same day... so i dunno if she has plans after it

but i cannot pass up my only chance of going clubbing with devipz. (my next chance will probably be sometime in the middle of next year). so i decided to go with her even if it's just me, her and her bf LOL why do i want to go with her so bad? i wanna see her dance and have her teach me some too hahahahah (she teaches dance classes)

anyway, anyone wanna join me? 0 :) i wont hold the whole "it's my birthday" guilt on you hehehe so dont feel bad if you dont wanan come. i'm going either it's just the three of us or more :D but if there are more ppl, i'll see if i can do a birthday list. so let me know :)

** Oh Dominic if you feel too sick to go out tomorrow, we can do a raincheck and you can go clubbing with me on the 27th with devipz. that way you guys can show each other your moves hehehehe since you're a dance teacher too hahaha! **

but anyway... i am ready for tonight :D

.....again :P

wowowowowowow you're so smart. really. i mean i knew you are but haha i'm impressed

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