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during my lunch break

i'm on yahoo music aka launch.com and i'm on the radio. this thing is so funny. if you click next five times within the hour, they wont let you skip any more songs until the hour is over! like wtf! and so i'm like OK i want to skip songs that i hate, so i only click next when i really hate the song... and dont skip some songs when it's dragging at the end... but today, i just left launch on and listen to them as if i cant skip it... and it goes ahead and HAVE the NERVES to ask me if i was still there since my streaming has been idle. shesh, when i skip too much, you punish me for it and when i dont skip, you wonder why?!?! anyway, just wanna let you know LOL hey salina and kevin, what is that radio station you guys listen to? i might need to switch lol

i should be doing some other things but when i'm on lunch, i feel even more lazy. so i did a survey hah! i stole this from airen. "lover"! lol


1. The last received call from?
>> chave

2. The last song you sang :
>> justin timberlake - cry me a river

3. The last movie you saw, at where and with whom?
>> i think it was the skeleton key at 1000 with heather, nicky, felix, greg and eric

4. The last person that you talked to:
>> marc

5. The last place you were going to:
>> work?! i'm at work right now hehehe

6. The last person that you walked with:
>> my parents

7. The last stuff that you bought and at where :
>> my salad + yogurt at HUM (harvest urban market) i'm eating the yorgurt now hehehe yum!

8. The last meal that you ate:
>> my salad! i'm eating yogurt right now, right i just repeated myself

9. The last time you washed your hair:
>> last night. whee~! im one of those ppl who HAS to wash it at least ONCE a day or i'll die.

10. The last message from mobilephone that you
received from who:
>> jennifer

11. The last guy or/and girl that you liked :
>> like you dunno who it is. if you dont, you havent been hanging around me recently. :P

12. The last time cut your hair :
>> a while ago lor. i'm trying to grow it long

13. The last time you fell in love:
>> how do you fall in love?

14. The last time you said " i love you" :
>> just last night to joy hehehe i heart you joy!

15. The last family that you met :
>> my sister. she's the last person i see when i sleep and the first person i see when i wake up. we share a room
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