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OMG! i found it!!!

har har har har i found my ID next to the small pile of clothes next to my bed. now i know that sounds really bad, but it's just like a couple of jackets and pants lol and with the whole talk about my CA ID being expired, i took a look at the expiration date for my DL... and yes, it does expire on my birthday of this year. so this morning i went to DMV to renew it. thank god my mom knows someone who works there. i was in and out of there in five mins. gosh! if it wasnt for the wait, going to DMV doesnt suck at all.

and then guess what? yesterday i was determined to find my lost dress. i guess it's because the last time i remember wearing it was with jonathan... and jonathan told me last night he was sure i have it and he doesnt because last time i wore it, he stayed over my house. so i went through my closet and started to clean it... at the same time looking for it. it fell onto the floor next to some luggage!!! i've always looked in the clothes, not near the luggage! OMG!! I FOUND MY DRESS!! i practically squealed on the phone when i found it. lol

i just washed it and now i'm line drying it... probably wont be ready by tomorrow but I AM SO WEARING IT NEXT WEEK. AHAHAHAHAH!

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