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weekend recap

OK... this is a long entry...

friday - kevin planned a birthday dinner at cheesecake with a few of my close friends, you know who you guys are. :D thank you for that :D and since everyone's hooking up, i "formally annouced" that kevin and i are "dating" and then formally annouced that we "broke up" when he said he wasnt "ready." and then at the end, kevin sorta formally annouced that i'm "his girl." that was funny. hahaha yes we are complicated. thanks for dinner tho! :D afterward we went to see brothers grimm, yes i wanted to see it!! it's my party and i could cry if i want to... jk lol that movie was alright. as what bonnie read in the reviews, nice affect but not that great of a movie.

saturday - my cousin's bridal shower. i'm so happy for her. we had this little game of how well ppl knew my cousin. yeah, i failed -___- they would ask us questions about her and winner gets a prize. then they'll ask her questions of her fiance and if she answers wrong, we get to punish her heheh we made her booty shake (i think that's how you call it?) on stage! (we were at a park) heheh in front of the kids.

they asked her what is his favorite dish... and she asked her mom! hahahah and she knew! and then later they asked her where is his birth mark... and she asked her mom again! lol! and her mom's like "why would you ask me? HOW WOULD I KNOW?" hahaha that was funny. of course, to complete all bridal showers, 90% of the gifts were lingeries... my aunt is so cool. she was laughing at all the gifts. my other cousin and my aunt were standing in the back. my aunt was telling us "by the look on her (my bride to be cousin's) face, she's gonna be returning a lot of these." and my other cousin's like "she's gonna have so much credit on her visa" lol

saturday night i had dinner with dominic, jennifer and her bf, simpson. it was nice to hang out with all of them. i havent seen dominic in forever. i stopped by his house and said "hi" to his family. boy, his sister grown so much! (but i know he was surprised to see how big my sister is too lol) too bad his other sister wasnt there :| she was after all, my favorite. i talked to his mom for a while, i miss her too. i have so much history with his family hahahah

clubbing was so funny. dominic and jennifer kept commenting on ppl's clothing hahahah it was great. and jennifer showed me this ONE move that is "mouth dropping"... but only when she does it! i tried doing it, uhhh yeahhh... doesnt work for me hahahah and it's kinda hard to keep up with dominic since he's such a good dancer! i felt kinda out of place dancing with him LOL i tried to follow ;P salina was there but tooooo busy with her friends :P dunno what happened to her that night! o.O lol jk

oh! i got a free soda :D i dont drink so... yeah free soda is way cool heheh i asked for a soda and i gave him a $5 and he gave it back to me. so i wanted to at least give him tips, but he gave that back to me also and said "keep it, you're beautiful!" Hahahahah! dominic's all like "you should tell the bartenders it's your birthday. i didnt have to pay for one drink when it was my birthday" lol but i dont drink so no point lol and besides, i got a free one without mentioning my birthday :D

i'm also really happy that i get to go clubbing with them all :P my once in a lifetime chance to club with jennifer hahahahaha~! from months and months of asking! :P dominic is up for another try this weekend hahah maybe we'll go to DNA since we got free entries? hhHhmMmMmMm

sunday - in my dad's religion, i should NOT eat meat on my birthday. (well i shouldnt eat meat at all lol but i think this is a good excuse for my dad to cheat me a day of being vegetarian lol jk!) so for lunch we went to fresh choice lol i couldnt have any clam chowder! *boo hoo* but it wasnt bad.

after lunch i went bowling with my parents and sister. my mom hella cheated! heheheh she was telling me how she knew that my dad bowls pretty well in the beginning but pretty bad in the end because he gets tired. so she bet with him on the second game that losers have to cook dinner that night. heheh! he lost :P

i bowled 167 with the house ball! my god. when will i get that score with my ball?!?!?!

at night i stayed home and watched "3 iron" (the movie denys mailed to me for my birthday.) what an interesting movie. it's different. it's kinda slow but i like it.

and got a few interesting phone calls from some friends :)

anyway, i had a lot of fun. thank you everyone who has wished me a happy birthday in any way, shape or form. thank you everyone who celebrated it with me on any of those days i celebrated it. :)

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